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Upcoming Singer Victor Ruz Trashes Vinka's New Song

Published: 2023-04-19T16:10:44Z -3,022 People Read This

Ugandan artists Victor Ruz and Vinka

Swangz Avenue's artist Vinka recently released her first song for the year 2023, titled "Bailando," which means "dancing" in Spanish.

While the track has yet to garner significant attention on mainstream media, it is already receiving airplay in nightclubs and bars.

However, uprising musician Victor Ruz has expressed his disapproval of the song, stating that it is not worth listening to, despite being on most DJs' current playlists.

"Vinka's song is somehow a vibe, but it's a poorly written song," Victor Ruz said.

Victor Ruz's opinion on Vinka's song has sparked a divide among music enthusiasts who frequent social media platforms like Twitter.

Download Bailando By Vinka