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Martha Mukisa Drops Brand New Song "Tondeka Kemembwa"

Published: 2023-04-08T11:13:28Z -2,190 People Read This

Martha Mukisa Tondeka Kemebwa

In early 2023, the talented and stunning female artist Martha Mukisa launched her first-ever EP titled "Sisaaga".

It was a time when other musicians were also planning to release their own EPs. Martha Mukisa's "Sisaaga" EP comprises 14 tracks, and it is undoubtedly worth listening to. If you haven't already, take a moment to check it out online.

However, aside from her EP, Martha Mukisa has recently released a brand new single. The song is not included on her "Sisaaga" EP, indicating that it is a new project entirely.

The song is titled "Tondeka Kemembwa," which means "Don't Leave, Get Tempted" in English. Black Market Records produced the song's accompanying video, which is visually stunning and perfectly complements the track's rhythm and lyrics

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