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Song: Lwali Luli By Juliana Kanyomozi & Vampino

Published: 2023-04-08T08:45:40Z -2,222 People Read This

Vampino says, he did his first song with Juliana Kanyomozi

Elvis Kirya aka Vampino, a renowned Ugandan ragga/dancehall artist, recently broke his silence on his music journey in a rare interview with a local TV station.

Despite being known for not doing interviews, Vampino took the opportunity to share some interesting insights into his life and music career.

He began by revealing that he was the first artist to record a song with the talented Juliana Kanyomozi. Vampino and Juliana go way back to their school days at Namasagali College, where they played together and even recorded a song titled "Lwali Luli" 26 years ago.

Vampino also explained the origin of his stage name. He was once expelled from school but was afraid to go home, so he chose to hide in the school ceiling.

His classmates would bring him food and call him "Vampire" to keep it a secret. When he began his music career, he decided to add some spice to the name and changed it to "Vamposs" when he recorded his first song with Benon.

However, when he started doing solo projects without Benon, he decided to rebrand himself as "Vampino." Despite being a legendary musician, Vampino remains humble and grounded, and his rare interview was a fascinating insight into his life and career.

Last week, Vampino released a song titled "Ngoma". The song is doing well on most radio stations.

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