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Daddy Andre Says, Nina Roz Should Start Studying About Love

Published: 2023-04-07T09:59:17Z -1,982 People Read This

Nina Roz Daddy Andre

After their Kukyala ceremony, Daddy Andre and Nina 'Roz' Kankunda's short marriage ended and they have not been on good terms since.

In separate interviews, both have shared details about their relationship, highlighting that it was not a bed of roses despite some good moments.

Daddy Andre recently spoke to Flash TV Rwanda, where he revealed that Nina Roz was not ready for marriage and did not understand the demands of it.

He also hinted at the lack of respect between them and suggested that Nina Roz needs to learn more about marriage before making the same mistakes.

Although Daddy Andre has not completely ruled out the possibility of still having feelings for Nina Roz, he stated that he has not moved on until he finds a woman that he fully likes.

He explained that compatibility is essential in marriage, and women must always respect their husbands while men should cater to the prestige of their wives.

Daddy Andre concluded that he likes the idea of marriage, but it was not entirely compatible with Nina Roz, who did not have a good understanding of marriage.

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