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B2C Speaks Out Against False Accusations Made By TV Presenter

Published: 2023-04-05T08:25:42Z -2,012 People Read This

B2C Entertainment Dismisses Baseless Accusations by Bukedde TV Presenter Against their Friendship with Rema Namakula

The B2C Entertainment music group has expressed their disappointment with Bukedde TV presenter Josephat Sseguya for making false accusations against them.

During his morning show, Sseguya allegedly accused the trio of snatching Rema Namakula from her husband, Dr. Hamza Sebunya, after he saw them hanging out with her late at night.

The accusations did not sit well with the B2C Entertainment group, and they expressed their dismay when they spoke to one of the Bukedde TV presenters.

The group clarified that Rema is just a good friend who has helped them in various aspects of life, and the accusations made against them were baseless.

The trio further explained that Sseguya accused them of having Rema move from her husband's home to their residence in Kigo, where they allegedly spend quality time together. However, they dismissed these accusations as untrue.

"We are unhappy with Seguya because of the false statements he made about us. We watched him accusing us of snatching Rema away from her husband. He said that she shifted from her home and she now spends most of her time with us which is totally false. He said that Rema puts up at our home in Busaabala something which puzzled us".

The group acknowledged that it is often difficult to make friends of the opposite sex in the showbiz industry, and their friendship with Rema has been marred by many false stories. They hope that the truth about their relationship with Rema will finally be understood.

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